Anti Damore

This is the a good opportunity to look at some reactions to James Damore’s “sexist memo”

(Unfortunately the Twitter plugin still doesn’t work, so I’m just gonna link the Tweets and quote them.)

As a quote to the following tweet:

The case for firing James Damore (Google engineer) is that his memo created a hostile workplace. I think that’s true if he acts on memo.

The literature ITSELF was hostile m’dude. Hostile literature is covered in most company HR policies. How are you so ignorant of this?

It certainly wasn’t. It was phrased very carefully to avoid hostility. Emphasizing that all these are differences on average.

Of course James is a bigot

Anyone angry about Google firing that guy: don’t worry, they’ve probably let a thousand other bigots off the hook, you’re fine

Simply voicing his opinion is bigotry, makes sense. Plus, it’s not like he said something outragous without something to back it up. What he said is well grounded. But nope, he’s a “pejudiced or close-minded person” (Sounds more fitting to the ones accusing him of bigotry anyway)

Sure I’m glad that someone lost his job, I mean, it’s his fault for using his right of free speech

I want to say I’m glad but knowing Silicon Valley I’m also sure this guy will not be jobless for long. Watch him end up at Oculus.

Debate fascists, don’t no-platform them! The Google guy may stink, but don’t fire him! Don’t punch Nazis, you’re just as violent as them!

Or you’re just blind to all but your opinion


Unsurprising to see that the theme on HN today is “misogynist now-ex-google-employee is a hero”. This comment takes the cake:

Displaying good reading comprehension

how is telling your colleagues en masse that they are biologically inferior to you wrt your job not acting on it

And last but not least a nazi analogy

You don’t see the centrist liberals of the world rising to defend them, do you? No, it’s just when a guy writes Mein Kampf for GoogleDocs

Who’s the bigot again? They don’t even seem to try to debate his points. Nope, it’s obviously sexist, don’t bother with the details.

Written on August 9, 2017