Civil War incoming?

So I raised two questions for myself regarding the current protests in America.

  1. What do the left groups fight for?
  2. How could the protests calm down?

For the first question, I can’t find any good reason. Antifas generally just want to punch nazis. They’re simply against fascists or whoever they deem as one. Of course that includes those who don’t share their opinion, mainly because they see themselves as righteous. So whoever stands against them, must be a fascist. #BlackLivesMatter originated from a movement against police violence and how its handled in court. Police officers get away way too easily with some of their actions, that’s true. But instead of protesting for fairer trials, which actually punish the officers who misuse their power, they band together against the evil white man. The same goes on for other groups like ancaps or sjws, it’s mainly hate against the white, heterosexual man. Not against those who actually have power and who could actually solve some problems, no. Their hate is against everyone who share certain traits with those who have power. Consquently, they barely have any actual policies. Nothing that indicates what they want to have instead. More often than not, it’s just “more rights” or “shutting ‘em down”.

As for the second question, I can’t come up with any way where the whole thing calms down. Assume one side starts to retreat. Obviously it would mean the other side wins or is “correct”. The Antifa side is way too thick-headed to admit defeat or let the right get what they want. Same goes for the core of the alt-right movement. Neither would actually admit defeat against the other. Now I’ve heard some say, they need to arm up (in this case against the right). Imagine the consequences though. If one side starts to bring heavier arms, the other will immediately close up. Not only that, but since those attacks would strike fear in the hearts of people, they gravitate towards the other side, similarly to the middle east (Btw it’s ironic how the Left can see how US bombs create misery and extremism over there, but not that punching nazis might have a similar effect). So if one side shoots, it’ll just make the side look better, more righteous. So what if the government intervenes? But what side? The right is fighting for the right to express even unpopular ideas. That’s against the general direction the west is headed at the moment. We see people silenced for all kinds of opinions. The problem is, that the government is running under Trump. Those marching on the streets against antifas are his voters. Intervening against them is public suicide. On the other hand, if the Trump administration goes against the Lefts, it goes completely against recent developments in politics like I said. not to mention he’d also lose voters nonetheless. Plus it means admitting free speech is important and needs to be protected more. However, you can’t do surveillance and anti-terror laws while maintaining that right. And well, if they go up against both parties, then the Republicans can say bye to the next presidency altogether.

I really don’t see this going down anytime soon. I’m just glad to not be there while these things are happening.

On another note, this looks more like a fight authorian vs. libertarian than left vs. right. That’s quite interesting if you ask me.

Written on August 16, 2017