cognitive dissonance

Oh yeah this tweet is fun. Quoting another tweet that goes

Bild (I worry the most about the the vast number of refugees, of which some harass citizens. I’m scared, when I go out to work at 5am)

25 Jahre und 2 Tage nach Rostock-Lichtenhagen: BILD macht in AfD-Manier Stimmung gegen Flüchtende.

(Basically saying BILD is shifting the mood against immigrants just like the AfD) He adds another line though.

BILD normalisiert und legitimiert rechte Gewalt. Jeden Tag.

BILD normalizes and legitimates right wing violence. Every day.

Well to be clear, the BILD is a filthy CDU supporting tabloid, so I don’t wanna really want to come to their defense, but that doesn’t mean it’s immediately wrong what they print. The sentiment of being scared because of a new group of people roaming around isn’t something extraordinary. She’s not the only one who has that. To begin with that’s coming from the same direction, which also thinks women are still being oppressed (albeit not the same guy). Those harassers come from countries which a lot patriarchic than any western country. If you think women are being oppressed here, being pro immigration on top of that just doesn’t quite work. You’re bringing in exactly those you’re trying to fight.

But there’s an either better display of cognitive dissonance at work here and here

Just the other day, the German government closed the website “linksunten” because of it extremist left nature. (I don’t know it, so I can’t verify whether or how extreme it was.) Unfortunately he tweeted it in German, but that guy is pissed that linksunten was shut down while rejoicing when CDU’s junior club gets punched. He advocates punching nazis, because you shouldn’t give them any room to speak, but it completely baffled when the same happens to his side. Begging to shut down sites for the opposite political opinion (Daily Stormer says hi) is only asking for the same happening to your side. Personally I’d like for this to continue. Maybe eventually they conclude the same. But more likely their hate for any kind of government, especially the current one, leads them to believe that the government is just being fascist.

Written on August 25, 2017