Divide and Conquer

I kinda presume everyone is familiar with the term and its meaning already. It’s one of the most famous strategies for leading a nation, a strategy to shift the attention of the general population away from politics by distracting them with each other.

What I just want to do here is make a list on my own. I just wanna write down what I can come up with. Which groups speak up against others. For that I’m gonna first name the group and then list the things they’re against, hoping it’s at least somewhat comprehensive. It’s also notable, that I won’t concentrate on one country. I’m from Germany, so I feel more confident about the people living here, but some movements also exist elsewhere while others only exist in one country.

  • Antifa As the name implies, Antifascists are against fascists, although that’s a very broad statement as “fascist” in this sense isn’t how an historian would define it, but how an antifascist defines it. In that sense, it can mean a lot of things. A populist (see Trump), someone who speaks out against immigrants or even someone who wants to have this right to speak. Also included are bankers or the (finance-)capitalism as a whole, the own government with their police as their executive force. Also mainstream media

  • Alt-rights (Illegal) immigrants, foreigners in general, political correctness, feminism, identity and gender politics. Also often times against mainstream media

  • Black Lives Matter Originally starting as a movement against police brutality, it quickly also included equality for blacks as a whole. As such it’s against white supremacists (especially in the police), alt-rights.

  • The Young This one’s probably not as profound as the ones above, but Brexit already indicated some kind of clash between generations. Millenials are sometimes deemed as stupid by baby boomers or vice versa. They also don’t find much representation in their democratic system.

  • The Old See the new generation as spoiled kids who basically fused with their phones.

  • Feminists The patriarchy, sometimes those who use politically incorrect language. Depending on the feminist it can also include TERFs or men in general. Similarly to antifas, their definition of the others (here patriarchy) can be very broad, so are their opponents.

  • Gender Identity Advocates Although similar to feminists at times, the topics are a bit different. Generally against conservativs who’re against their believe. It can include those who refuse certain pronouns or identities.

  • Free Speech Advocates A relatively young, barely established group of people who don’t agree with politically correct language or langauge police in general. Can also include right-wing people who lost the ability to reasonably voice their opinion on a some subjects.

  • Working Class Probably one of the oldest groups here and a very moody one. Oftentimes being against what the TV is showing. That can include terrorists, sexual offenders, immigrants, people who live on welfare or a scandalous company.

  • Greens Those running nuclear power plants or subsidising their use.

And most importantly the ones that have to be distracted from:

  • The Rich Basically everyone who doesn’t earn millions or above per year or month. Or to quote Warren Buffet: “It’s class warfare. My class is winning, but they shouldn’t be.”

  • The Poor Anyone in power, be it politically, financially or economically. I’m not sure if they know though.

Written on May 21, 2017