PewDiePie continues

So PewDiePie released a new video on the WSJ. He said it means war and he meant it or so it seems for now. Great doing WSJ, like other conservative media, your annual income goes down, so you try new ways. Paywalls don’t work apparently, what a surprise to anyone who just uses the next hit on Google for the same article, because there isn’t much different among the headlines anyway. Yeah, when everyone copies each other, a pwaywall will do wonders.

So you try to attack the biggest Youtuber, that’s a good idea. I wonder if the Streisand effect is just alien to them or if they’re actually that naive. Oh well, it looks like they still won’t get the younger audience attention as they wanted, as a lot of them stand for PewDiePie. Quite the opposite, it makes people like me, who had no interest in PDP’s shallow entertainment for teenagers, very interested suddenly. I don’t know if he researches for these comments himself, but his responses are splendid. Remember he does have millions of followers who can give him good material for these videos.

Yet I just forgot about the angsty sjw part of my generation who apparently have no humour and rather condemn every single nazi symbol. That’s kinda ironic cause not much long ago, I thought playing video games online where you learn new insults daily makes you pretty resistent to these kinda things. Then again, I doubt those who grew up there are complaining now.

So while the internet didn’t change that much, it’s suddenly a problem because it became mainstream. Yeah, I think that sums it up. (And because some people’s skin is nanometers long)

Written on February 24, 2017