SPD back on the rise

Suddenly the SPD is back in business

Ok, it looks like this years election might become more interesting than expected. What are the numbers exactly accoring to that article?

  • SPD 33
  • CDU/CSU 32
  • The Linke 8
  • The Greens 7
  • FDP 6
  • AfD 9

With that the SPD could make a coalation with the Greens and the Linke, as the article said. But that’s only so barely. A one percent change can shift it towards something else. It also means FDP would go back into the parliament. CDU/CSU could almost make a coalation with FDP and AfD, but that seems unlikely. For me it sounds more reasonable that they’re gonna do one with the SPD again. (Heh, while Democrats and Republicans fight over governance, our big two don’t even pretend to oppose each other all that much)

But this also mainly means, that all big parties listed above could make it into the government. The SPD could even make the next cancellor, that’s amazing. It let’s me conclude, that the campaigns this year will be even more fierce than before. At least I hope that, because they are pretty tame.

But let’s not be too hopeful. At the end of the day, SPD and/or CDU/CSU will just put the next cancellor into office and nothing will change. At the same time, they both (here and here) want to get of “fake news” —or what they deem as fake— as fast as possible. Makes posting on Facebook pretty scary suddenly. It’s even questionable if they have the power for that, since Facebook isn’t a German company, so they have no obligation to listen to them. It also makes way for arbitary deletion of content, basically meaning, they could erase unwanted opinions.

But hey, let’s at least enjoy the shitshow. The only good thing about politics is when they slip up and how fast they can recover from scandals. This election will show how short the average Geman’s memory is. See the sudden surge of immigration with no plan whatsoever.

Written on February 19, 2017