Serious Politics

And a completely misleading title.

I can’t take politics serious. Not only that, the more I read about it and see others comment on it, the less I can take it serious. This post is mostly gonna explain why, so it’s probably turn into a rant I guess.

So when I talk with others about politics or politicians, there’s a general census about them.

  • They can’t be trusted
  • They will promise anything for votes, but rarely gonna execute it
  • Even if they do, they compromise a lot
  • They’re just a dog of the economics. Big companies like Mercedes or banks among many others
  • They don’t care for the general opinion (unless there’s a election close by)

Not only that, if you look back since World War 2, there’s less than a favourable run of events.

The time during the cold war was filled with propaganda. Russia was made the enemy of the western world, many people feared a nuclear war, devastating our planet.

Afterwards was the time for huge technological advancements. Unfortunately Germany was heavily left behind in that regard. Somehow our politicians managed to ignore these changes for the most part. Nowadays you only hear about failures when it comes to government funded projects in the IT sector.

It’s not much different for other departments though. There have been complaints about our infrastructure for two decades now, if not more. Yet these don’t disappear either.

Our education system is garbage. We lack behind many western countries in many areas. Yet it’s still not allowed to do a country wide study on the qualities of teaching. Our changes are superficial at best. Instead of using John Hattie’s findings to improve our education system and support children early on, our schools receive money for computers few teachers can use properly. Even worse, they introduce inclusion classes. Classes where normal children and mentality disabled study together. Hopefully it works, because there aren’t many studies on that. Teachers also don’t get the neccessary support in some federal states like Bremen, because they lack money.

Our military department is a disaster. Most of our stuff is barely working as it is ancient.

I can also hear a lot joke about rich people evade taxes, which are a huge mess to begin with. Surely Uli Hoeneß an isolated case.

These examples just don’t end. Whereever you look, there’s some amazing stuff going on that doesn’t aid 90% of the population. You could also look outside of your country to see your own bombs flying around in many many regions. Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yugoslavia, Iran, Isreal, Afgahnistan, Yemen, Turkey. The list of warzones just doesn’t end. Most of these were created by the US, yes. But the EU with Germany on the top provided the whole region with lots of weapons, which doesn’t help stabilize the region at all.

But what do you see in the media, the social media, the comments? The first thing are probably the right-wing parties gaining more and more votes in many countries. France, Germany and Netherlands are all good examples for this phenomenon. For one reason or another, they attract many voters in these times.

So what are these reasons? Well if you keep looking, they’re apparently nazis, all of them. I’ve writting about it before, but this is getting old and doesn’t even scratch the core of the problem. Yes, some of them are nazis of some sort, but others might just vote them as a protest to the established parties. I mean, Merkel fucked up really hard with the immigration. Without any plan whatsoever she opened Germany’s doors wide and hoped for the best. No wonder the AfD or the Front National gain votes after these horrible decisions.

On the other side, we have the left. Filled with identity politics, sjws and gender discussions. None of these matter for most people. They go to school, work, live their life, so they feel alienated by it.

Now let this weird discussion about immigrants, gender and feminism roll for a decade or two and you’re here. The big topics of the last years were same sex marriage, immigration, social equality, women’s quota. None of these have any merit for a large degree of the general population. We had huge technological advancements, yet most of us don’t have improved living standards. We only got more devices at our home and in our pockets, but our working life hasn’t changed at all. It’s the complete opposite. Doctors, police officers and teachers are overworking themselves to keep up with everything. (I must say, police officers must have the toughest job nowadays. You have to deal with drunkards at central station, who may get violent any second. Hooligans at football games who just want to be violent. Sometimes you have to go to some protests to keep these idiots in check so they don’t smash each other’s heads.)

And yet, AND YET these parties still get 40% of the votes. It’s no wonder considering many watch modern tv, filled with the immense piles of crap, or read tabloids on their way home. Stories of retail salespersons and teachers also lead to the conclusion that many lost their sense of insight and reason. Too many don’t even try to understand certain situations. To give an example, there are some who demand their product know even though the salesperson tells them it takes at least three days for it to be stocked in.

But if you look at all the political talk, it mostly degrades into a left vs right discussion. These things are left and if you disagree with them, you’re right. This black and white thinking has become more and more intense. It’s no wonder if you look at America, where you only have two choices. But even in other countries, it’s the same. We’re even back at the black and white thinking towards Russia. None of the western countries tries to talk with Putin to improve our relationship with him. It’s even worse than the cold war where they at least tried to not completely let it escalate. It’s more like both sides know the other won’t start a war, because that would truly put him in a bad position in global politics.

I could also touch upon whistleblowers, NSA’s surveillance or modern wage slaves. But I think my point came across.

I’m surrounded by idiots who vote for the same shit over and over again. People actually though Trump would bring them their change. Merkel somehow keeps her popularity in Germany even though she did nothing remarkable. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. The more I read or watch about this situation the worse it gets. Yet our countries are governmened by the exact same parties as they were 20 years ago. Hell, Merkel was minister for women and youth before I was even born.

It’s just frustrating to see everything go down and nothing changes. So with that, I just can’t take politics serious. The mob votes their usual government and then protests against it before they yet again vote for them. Meanwhile they accuse others for voting right-wing parties or wander off to them.

Written on April 23, 2017