Transgender gene

Reading this artcile by Reuters something weird came up.

I’m all for research before action. It’s basically “think before you act” on a bigger scale, the scale of politics. So I welcome such a research before decisions are made.

That quest has made some transgender people nervous. If a “cause” is found it could posit a “cure,” potentially opening the door to so-called reparative therapies similar to those that attempt to turn gay people straight, advocates say.

How many genetic diseases can we cure again? Autism? Down-syndrome? Dementia? We’re still practically defenseless against genetics, so I don’t see that worry. Being transgender isn’t even a hindrance per se.

One-third of transgender people reported a negative healthcare experience in the previous year such as verbal harassment, refusal of treatment or the need to teach their doctors about transgender care, according to a landmark survey of nearly 28,000 people released last year by the National Center for Transgender Equality.

Verbal harassment is a no-go, refusal of treatment shouldn’t happen regularly either, but needing to teach doctors about transgender care? We have gynecologists who specialize in women, exactly because we need such specialists for some cases. What do you exepct? Transgender isn’t that common, that every doctor in the country knows his or her share on the topic. Medicine is a wide field, so wide that it needs many different specialists to treat correctly. Doctors also hold a lot of responsibility. That’s why it’s foolish to assume every doctor will help you. Doctors are allowed to refuse treatment because of that. They should be. That is of course if it doesn’t fall under his or her specialty. A hospital refusing a wounded would be a scandal under normal circumstances.

Written on August 3, 2017