Currently I’m a scholar majoring in math. Sometimes reading about world affairs and so on. Born in living in Germany since my birth in 1993. Start your calculators if you want to know my age.

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Why English though? There are mainly two reasons to write this blog in English instead of my native language German. First being to improve language skills. I am pretty confident in them, that’s why I can at least try to write all this in English, but I don’t write longer texts as often, especially not about politics. I use English a lot, basically half the time I spend online is in English, if not more. But that’s just that. If I don’t try to use more words, my vocabulary will never change. A child will not learn new words if it only talks with other children who also only talk with these children. so this is a good practice for that.

The other reason is globalisation. If I’d write something in German, only a few more than 100 million would be able to read it. Nothing I can show friends anywhere else who have the same issues. And since globalisation heavily leads to a wide wen of interactions between many different actors from many different countries, I sincerely believe, that you have to address people around the world to actively influence something. Say for example we here in Germany suddenly have a whole new government for example. Then this government tries to do something large, that the EU doesn’t allow. Well tough luck, cause then it’s basically powerless as long as it wants to stay in the EU. Similarily, I or we as Germans have no political power over the US, a huge active player in world politics we’re allied with. No matter how many bombs they throw or how they negotiate with Russia (or not), we’re powerless since we can’t vote. The only weapon we have are words, just the classic way. So it’s time to use them.

And yeah, this blog’s really gonna be naive, so take it with a big grain of doubt. Take a handful. Always take a handful when reading something on the internet, that’s the most vital skill of our time.

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